Bihari Boti BBQ Recipe

Here is the complete tutorial on “Bihari Boti BBQ Recipe

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1. Bihari Boti BBQ Recipe
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8. Bihari Boti Recipe
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Here is the recipe of “Bihari Boti BBQ Recipe

  1. Bihari Boti BBQ Recipe
  2. Half Kg Chicken
  3. Fried Onion paste 20 grams
  4. Salt 10 gram
  5. Red chili crush 8 gram
  6. Red chili powder 5 gram
  7. Food color 2
  8. Lemon juice 3 gram
  9. Green chili paste 5 gram
  10. Vinegar 3 gram
  11. Ginger paste 10 gram
  12. Garlic 10 gram
  13. Coriander powder 10 gram
  14. Cumin powder 10 gram
  15. Yogurt 250 gram


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    Bihari BotiMy personal information:
    Chef Ali has 1 Year diploma in Hotel Management from Ithm, 1 year job experience in Chinese restaurant Paillios, professional cook degree from Hashoo Foundation. Did English Crash Courses and had 1 year experience in Banquets. 6 month professional Cooking course from Pearl Continental Lahore.

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